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    Veritas Impact Partners Co-Founders (pictured above from left)

    Rachel Dietemeyer, Principal; J. Antonio Marquez, Principal / Comunidad Realty Partners;

    Robert Hanna, CEO / Veritas Impact Partners;

    J.P. Newman, Founder and CEO; Adrian Lufschanowski, President / Thrive FP


    Veritas Co-founders are high-performing multifamily property investors, apartment developers, operators and community activation leaders with decades of proven experience, including:

    • over $1 Billion in US multifamily private equity investments (earned and returned)
    • 15,000 workforce apartment units purchased, upgraded and managed
    • Myriad community activation initiatives, including three US Governor's statewide innovation awards for resident-led projects.

    Veritas Executive Board of Directors


    J. Antonio Marquez / Principal, Comunidad Realty Partners

    J.P. Newman / Founder & CEO, Thrive FP


    Vice Chair

    Anthony Tarter / Executive Vice President - Director of Workforce Housing & Social Impact, Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital



    Rachel Dietemeyer / Principal, Comunidad Realty Partners



    Tracy Thompson / US Army Major General, retired


    Chief Executive Officer

    Rob Hanna / Veritas Impact Partners



    Advisory Board

    Ron Klabunde / Founder & CEO, Generosity Feeds


    Executive Advisory

    James Bair / Principal, Sustainable Finance for Health, Geneva, Switzerland.



    Founding Donors Circle

    Comunidad Realty Partners

    Building Communities. Enriching Lives.

    Comunidad Realty Partners is a certified B Corp, real estate investment firm specializing in workforce housing communities in culturally diverse neighborhoods.

    Thrive FP

    Invest with Purpose.

    Thrive FP is a national social impact, private equity real estate investment firm specializing in debt and equity transactions based in Austin Texas.

    Thrive Circle of Giving 

    We Stayed for the Purpose.

    Thrive limited partners who invest in multifamily properties and have set their purpose to support best-in-class non-profit organizations. Circle of Giving members help spread prosperity, dignity and decency to all households by strengthening community.

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    We welcome all questions, comments & suggestions on any topic, from fundraising to strategic partnerships to scaling community impacts and improving more lives.


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