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    There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

    ~Margaret J. Wheatley

  • People come and go. Community stays.

    Veritas provides residents a platform for community activation. Our vision is for people to stay by choice, instead of by circumstance.


    Over 25 million people live in large, multifamily rental apartments in the US. These are diverse housing settlements where 50% of all people living there are cost-burdened – one missed paycheck or medical emergency away from losing their home.


    These challenging circumstances also offer unique, untapped potentials for community.


    Veritas initiatives go beyond individual households with unmet needs. We spark residents to engage each other and evolve their daily lives out of isolation into neighborhoods of active caring to improve shared lives. Together they make vastly improved quality of life for all, like good neighbors in small towns of old.


    Community Sparkplugs (self-starting individuals interested in community-building) already live in every community. We find and collaborate with them to engage their neighbors on well-framed community improvement projects, answering the question:


    What are we willing to do

    to build up our community?


    Residents gain Veritas' ongoing support to lead and drive health, education and wealth programs – from resident weight loss, fitness, job training, and early childhood development – and community priorities for a better life.


    Community Sparkplugs Spotlight: Dallas, Texas

  • Eliana Fabiola Moncibais

    Community Sparkplug

    Villas del Zocalo

    Mari Lee Baynard

    Community Sparkplug

    Villas del Solamar

  • Mari Lee Baynard and Eliana Fabiola Moncibais are moms with young children. They each want to help other moms in their own apartment communities of Villas del Solamar and Villas del Zocalo.


    In fact, Eliana said she was not going to renew her lease at Villas del Zocalo, and then the opportunity to be a community sparkplug for Mommy & Me came up.


    Now Eliana's going to stay.


    Eliana and Mari are happy to lead other moms in their communities to do daily development exercises with their young children. And Veritas brings them Harvard-based, age appropriate curriculums in bilingual formats, so all moms can achieve.


    Mari and Eliana collaborate with us to make what's ideally possible into the highly probable. And together we make lives in each community a little bit better.

    Community Staying Power


    Residents come up with the best ideas, methods and untapped relationships to engage neighbors and all others by what they care about most. Sparkplugs can sustain interest in any healthier, wealthier and wiser community initiatives because they live there – their expertise doesn't leave after 5 pm or on weekends.


    As Margaret J. Wheatley says,


    There is no power for change greater than

    a community discovering what it cares about.


    And a sparkplug-led community engine is far more valuable than the sum of it's individual household parts.


    Especially to our government, philanthropy and property investor partners with an ongoing stake in improving local impacts.

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