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    Teach your children well...

    ~Graham Nash

  • Early Childhood Development

    and Good Parenting Skills

    Veritas created Mommy & Me classes. We believe prenatal moms and those with children up to six years of age create significant and enduring impacts for communities.


    Our pilot Mommy & Me classes launched in Summer 2019 to include resident moms being our sparkplugs (willing to engage and work with other moms in their communities). We also partnered with Tembo Education, a provider of Harvard-developed, early childhood curriculums our moms receive on their smartphones for daily development exercises with their children. These exercises are easy, straightforward and only take moms five minutes to do, yet have profound impacts on their children's healthy neurological and social development.


    We are excited to bring such high value impacts to hardworking moms raising their kids right.


    The kids we will all depend upon for a better tomorrow.

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