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    Veritas piloted our innovative Healthy Community Challenges in Fall 2018 at four large multifamily properties in Dallas, TX.


    Our Challenges focused on engaging residents into resolving some of the most dire of global, national and local health epidemics: obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardio vascular disease.


    We chose to intervene and introduce metabolic health and wellness issues for three reasons:

    1. these are broadly felt global epidemics, with significant consequences for local individuals, families and entire communities;
    2. metabolic syndromes are reversible by improved behavioral choices and upgraded food environments; and,
    3. conventional options aren't working – incidence and prevalence are getting worse.
    Veritas also understands what is working to address these epidemics, and what isn't:
    • Medical expertise – inexpensively fantastic and quick in metabolic diagnosis; incredibly expensive (e.g. insulin) and a complete failure to reverse conditions by prescriptions;
    • Health education – health authorities and nutritionists are completely confused and often wrong in dietary advice (e.g. recommending dietary carbohydrates), but do well in raising awareness and marketing solutions among community populations;

    Veritas Healthy Community Challenges targeted cohorts of 30 residents in each community. We've found by using just two bio markers, groups can quickly understand what is and isn't highly consequential to their metabolic disease reversal and rapidly improved dietary changes:

    1. chronic blood sugar levels, tracked by Hemoglobin A1c, (an oxygen-transporting protein found inside red blood cells); and,
    2. circulating Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acid (EFAs) ratios.

    Our blood draws tested for these metabolic baselines, as well as introduced residents to dietary intervention strategies and resources. Cohort residents lost body fat and adopted fitness (e.g. Zumba classes) to reverse their emerging syndromes, not just manage symptoms.


    Veritas doesn't impose prescriptive changes upon residents, but we do upgrade options and choice architecture in our communities.


    We know what can create momentum for change: activate resident sparkplugs armed with better choices for their own and neighbors' health and wellness.


    And so we work with each sparkplug on improved health and wellness innovations, one community at a time.

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