• What We Do


    If you want to go fast, go alone.

    If you want to go far, go together.


    ~African proverb

  • Community Led Impacts

    We create thriving communities by activating residents living within them.


    11.9 million households are cost-burdened renters without an ability to build equity. They face systemic challenges to their health, education and economic advancement, while being overlooked by philanthropy and government. For these households the American Dream is becoming a fast vanishing promise, not an open path any can take.

    Veritas understands and values these residents living with challenges. We believe they are the best innovators to envision and create our greatest social impacts possible within their own communities. They are our untapped engines of American community and economic renewal.


    All these residents need for success is to be initially empowered, measurably challenged and periodically supported on their chosen path forward.


    And that's what Veritas does, with you as our supporting Partner.

  • Partner Priorities

    We engage residents by their enthusiasms to improve community quality of life in:

    • Health & Wellness
    • Education & Learning
    • Household Wealth & Financial Freedom

    We discover and work with local partners who are also able to sustain and scale resident priority initiatives over time. Examples of our community interventions with residents and partners includes:

    • metabolic testing and tracking with dietary education for reversing obesity and diabetes,
    • daily exercises for infant and early childhood development, 
    • resiliency for mental health and stress reduction, 
    • Zumba classes for fitness, 
    • after-school programs, 
    • workforce training and skills development, 
    • rental assistance during medical emergencies, 
    • financial literacy for household wealth, 
    • crime prevention and reduction for safe and trusted living spaces.

    Our desired partners are local governments, philanthropies, businesses and charitable organizations equally motivated to improve the basic qualities of community life all hardworking residents care about and desire most.

  • Collaboration

    Veritas partnerships include regional and national multifamily stakeholders. We seek well-aligned groups who also desire to activate their communities, empower resident innovation and support environment enrichment for local and national scale impacts, including but not limited to:


    Multifamily Owner Operators
    Veritas delivers curated social services and community activation programs tailored to specific markets, communities and locations. We add value to real estate assets and local areas by improving community options for better resident outcomes;


    Mission-Aligned Funding Sources
    Veritas supports and accelerates results for mission driven investments by private funders, philanthropic organizations, foundations, impact investors, governments and other funders that are mission-aligned with Veritas.


    Service Partners (Non-Profit & For-Profit Contributors)
    Veritas collaborates with service partners to improve impacts in communities we serve. Our work enhances opportunity for multiple stakeholders in the value chain.


        Social Return on Investment

        Veritas has a proven community impact blueprint to generate social, environmental, and economic returns for all our partners.


        Investments in improved community quality of life brings resident satisfaction, improved retention and decreased costs for multiple stakeholders throughout the country.

      • Questions? Partnering?

        New initiatives?


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